Delaying Marriage. . . Impossible to Find Love?

March 11, 2011

Since many of us are sustaining singleness until the late 20s and even late 30s, we may wonder if indeed we are making it practically impossible to find love. Take these arguments for example (against staying single longer and longer):

1. I’ll get so used to being single, more and more independent, that I won’t want to compromise. I’ll become apathetic to love, because, hey – I’ve done just fine this far!

2. I’ll grow in self-actualization and confidence so much that I’ll be way too picky. After all, I am my longest relationship.

3. As we get older, our options decrease. ‘Nough said.

Regardless of these arguments, which stand on pretty solid observations initially, I actually think that delaying marriage has its advantages. Among those might be the following:

1. One problem for many is that we’re always wondering if it is greener on the other side, or thinking about how exhilarating it is to be single and open to all the hotness. But by spending practically a third of our lives on many lawns (tee hee), we sort of see that it’s actually not all that easy to connect with others on a significant and romantic level. Most lawns are sort of scruffy. To find someone we think is hot and emotionally available? If we do, yes, please. Right. Here.

2. While it is true we’ve dated and dated, all that experience helps us hone our senses of whether someone is right for us or not. What may seem like pickiness may really be us just being super efficient at weeding people out and so avoiding wasting time with people we won’t end up with.

3. Options decreasing? Maybe it depends where you live, but I certainly don’t feel that way in SoCal. On the contrary, is anyone in a relationship here? 🙂


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